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Our Philosophy

Spaces Matter. The important moments in our lives take
place in our homes, our offices, our vacation properties.
And inevitably you have thoughts about what you want those spaces to look like, feel like. So for us, the process begins by listening. You talk. About your ideas, your concerns, your hopes for what the space will be. We ask a lot of questions.


You share ideas, dreams, pictures, descriptions of an amazing hotel you stayed at once in Florence, the Caribbean, Maine. A cottage you envisioned in a book, an office from a movie, a room in a painting by Vermeer. What we don’t do is impose our views on you. Instead, we share ideas to help organize and articulate your vision. Then we make it happen.

Our story

Susan Stacy has been working in the interior design field since 1986. Before launching Susan Stacy Design, she was a founding partner of Gauthier-Stacy alongside Jim Gauthier for nearly three decades. Prior to that, Susan worked at and with some of Boston’s most noted firms, among them Tradewinds, Bennet-HDG, Bierly-Drake Associates, and CBT Architects. During that time, Susan helped design a 200,000 square foot Saudi Arabian Air Defense Facility, managed the design and installation of a newly constructed Florida country club, rehabbed a vintage commuter boat, designed and supervised the construction of a large environmental firm’s new office space, and she directed the work on numerous residential design projects.


Susan received her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and studied Architecture at the University of Copenhagen.


In 2007, Susan was awarded the Presidential Citation from the American Society of Interior Designers, New England Chapter, in recognition of outstanding accomplishments and lasting contributions in the field of Interior Design.


She now leads a talented team of architects, project managers, and admin staff in her eponymous Boston studio.

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Our Team.

This is your Team section. It's a great place to introduce your team and talk about what makes it special, such as your culture and work philosophy. Don't be afraid to illustrate personality and character to help users connect with your team.

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